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Our servers are running Lineage 2: Goddess of Destruction Ertheia The Dimensional Strangers. We have daily updates, so watch our forum to see the news.

The server was updated to ertheia. Update notes in real time are on forum.
Chain Skills, All Skills working, Constant Updates, Solid economy, 100% ANTIBOT, 100% GEODATA!
New dragon weapons, lindvior dragon armors , all retail like!
New damage calculation formulas, new geodata , new antibot
Farm zones, Easy in game user interface (alt+b access), specially created hunting zones,
New Item enchantment System:
New Lindvior
class system and skills, Dragon Weapons, New Farm zones ( Gainak) and more
R-grade and higher armor items have additional offensive properties
which are more effective the more highly the item is enchanted
Head-Increased P. Evasion and M. Evasion
Chest-Increased P. Atk. and M. Atk
Legs-Increased P. Critical Rate and M. Critical Rate
Hands-Increased P. Accuracy and M. Accuracy
Feet-Increased Spd
SKills fixed: giants blessing, summon death gate, maximum critical
Fortuna instance added
-New attribute system
When the attribute of attacker is lower in comparison by defense of the target
the damage now has been reduced, not ignored (previous version of this system
ignores defensive bonus, only neutralices atk bonus)
-When the attribute of attacker is 0 on all attributes, the calc of defense bonus
of the target is based on the highest attribute resist.
(ie. attacker 0 attribute bonus, defender has 300 of Wind Defense, and 150 of
all remaining attributes, the defense bonus is based on Wind Defense in this case)
Modified bonus for enchant weapon
-Added boolean for items blessed
-Reconstruct FuncEnchant. Implemented R enchant armor extra stats
-Two new different phases of overchant totally controllable.
Added Overenchant Limit 1, 2, for armors and weapons, 3 and 4 for weapon R exclusive
(Official Client Values) and corresponding multipliers. Setted now to retail values
(Overenchant for items enchanted up 3 and low of 6, multiplier 2 to added point in which enchant level(formula checked) 
Items overchanted up 6 have multiplier 3 to added points in which enchant level.
The second overenchant is only for R equipment
-Added enchant bonus for Blessed R armor
-Added on first stance of funcEnchant a check if the item not has enchant return
immediatly. This useful to save server performance

► hp mp cp stats for all awakened chars updated to december 2012 god update , retail confirmed
All armor masteries for all classes now give hp bonus for the correct armor type
magical evasion and magical accuracy stats working 
magical critical damage remade formula,Magic Evasion/Accuracy/Critical Improved
Fixed Magical Evasion bonus for Final Ultimate Evasion
Rage Aura radius fix (need correct id for debuff).
- Updated all hellbinding type skill.
- Added dispell for Spirit of Nabiarov.
- Cubic Avengers fix.
- Added some effects fix for knockback/down/HellBinding.
Fixed activateRate of Mark of Weakness, Mark of Plague, Mark of Trick, Mark of
Mark system  fix
Fixed Mark of Void DoT every second, not 2s
  During Hellbinding effect character is  be paralyzed.
- Removed stacktype poison\bleed because they stack between themselves
fixed rewards for quest Not strong enough
Added Shield Angle Defense to all direction for "Superior Shield Mastery".
-Added skill Power Increase for "Last Patience" Trigger skill.
-Modified basemul critical power of Critical Increase for "Shield Charge" to mul. Previously this increase the critical damage on 110% on debuffed target
-Added power skill to all enchant routes for "Last Judgment", "Justice Punishment", "Shield Impact","Shield Wave", "Gust Blade","Chain Galaxy"
-Modified speed debuff reduced for "Last Judgment" from 10% to retail 30%.
-Removed Silence effect for "Justice Punishment". This effect is incorrect for client description.
-Added new enchant ways for "Shield Impact", added trait type and modified power (previous are in static mode, whatever level the power is 9870)
-Added new enchant ways for "Shield Wave".
-Added Heal Percent to RecoversHP way for "Noble Sacrifice". Previous way piss off the percent of transfer damage
-Added transfer to effector effect to Protection of Faith. Share the same stackType of Shield of Faith and Noble Sacrifice.
-Changed Spike Shield stat "reflectMagicDebuff" to "reflectAndBlockMSkillDam"(like Shield Deflect Magic. The skill description don't say reflect magic debuff, say reflect Magic Damage. Changed 1st level percent from 35 to 10%
-Changed effect of HP Recovery Rate to HealPercent on "Ignore Death". The skill say Enchant Power HP: Recovers 10% HP, this not means Increase HP recovery rate on 10%. Added cap Damage to 1. TODO: need to attacker player show the real do damage
-Added new enchant way for "King of Beast". Removed innecesary Fly cast, Save VS (this only used for debuffs),
-Removed innecesary for "Party Rescue" effect TargetToMe. In client description don't mention aggresion effect, or teleport effect. 
-Changed StackType for "Knight Frenzy" at the same for "Flame Archon" And "Spirit of Shillen" to avoid overpower combinations (PreAwakened char with one of this skill and this). Changed rEvas add to accCombat add. Increased enchant Time from max 90 seconds to 120 seconds.
-Added enchant Way to "Superior Aggression".
-Removed condition to activate toggle Rage Aura. The effects needs Sword or Blunt, but for cast don't have restriction.
-Iron Aura (Party Effect Only) modified. Deleted restriction to effect only characters using Heavy Armor, and removed effect for Shield Defense, Shield Rate, Critical Damage Recept
-Added to all Disarm skills, resist and sucess rate stats.
-Added to Transform Debuff of iss, Resist and Sucess rate Stats.
-Added to Chain Strike and Chain Hydra resist (Earth Wyrm Heart Ring) and sucess rate
-Added Resist and success rate stat for HellBinding type skills
-Removed RegHp and RegMp from Recovery Aura and Spirit Aura. Added Resist to PMez and MMez (individual resist to this group, need to add a general stat for both). Change substract of mpEff and hpEff to multiply
-Blazing Boost: Removed FlyToBack function.
-Added Rush effect to "Lion Rush".

What are you waiting for? Start Playing


1. Download Lineage 2 Media Ertheia Setup
2. Unpack files and Install the game with Setup Lineage2Media Ertheia.exe. Start the game from desktop shortcut or updater.

Alternative Download Link (might be FASTER download):
1. Download FULL GAME WITH INSTALLER (recommended) from Torrent : Click Here

ATTNETION - Setup can take at least 30 minutes!
Do not stop the installer untill it has finished the setup!

--Or you can download our updater if you allready have Ertheia client. Press Full check. Click here


►Lindvior Update added! New Classes New Skills New Hunt Zones - Gainak, Land of Chaos, Raider`s Crossroad,, Altar of Sacrifice and more!
New Dragon Weapons , Octaivs Istina Teredor Earthwirm Balok Fortuna and more instances added
►New GOD attribute system
Antibot Added, 100% functional
New GeoData purchased, retail like GOD TAUTI

Bloody/Dark armors added, with skills
and much more updates, read more on forum.

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